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Above shows the Foxglove Wall Hanging that I proudly had on display during August and September this year (2016) in the Pin Mill at the National Trust Bodnant Gardens. Along with twenty other ladies from my local Embroiderers Guild Group (North Wales), we had our work displayed throughout the garden, mostly hanging from the trees in the wind and the rain that was quite prevalent during that period!! My wall hanging  was protected from the weather inside the Pin Mill, so I didn’t have to worry so much about the weather!


The Pin Mill in Bodnant Garden…


My textile wall hanging on show on the back wall of the Pin Mill

I had a lot of admiration for my work, where many people thought that it was just a painting, but in fact it was hand painted with thickened dyes and free machine embroidery, with the individual foxgloves attached with stitching onto the 8ft long cotton sheet.


Individual flower painted with dye and before cutting out and attaching on the main piece.


Close up of attaching individual foxgloves to the backing sheet.

The whole exhibition was made in relation to the one hundred year celebration of the garden designer Capability Brown. Although, Bodnant was not one of his creations, it was decided by our group that the garden would be an excellent and suitable location to showcase our work.

Here are some of the other beautiful exhibits shown in the Exhibition.


Moya McCarthy’s free machine embroidered flowers displayed in the Boat Hut


Beryl Trimby’s felt wild flower hanging also in the Pin Mill


Pamela Headon’s Four Seasons’ woven hangings displayed in the Alder trees


Katie Robinson’s ‘Magnolia’ displayed in the Alder Trees



A number of different exhibitors banners also in the Alder Trees

Hopefully, we will be exhibiting our work in other places in the future and also carry out further work with Bodnant Garden, as this was such a very interesting and enjoyable project to do.




Background details painted with dyes sewn and finished…now to the rest!

I have been progressing with my work for our local Embroiderer’s Guild Project that will be exhibited within the beautiful National Trust Bodnant Garden at the end of August and start of September. I am working on a massive 8 ft long sheet that will be hung inside the Pin mill, using my usual technique of painting with thickened Procion MX dyes and adding extra stitching for emphasis. I have found it easier to use smaller pieces of cotton sheet to actually paint on before cutting out the foxgloves and sewing them to the main sheet with the Pin Mill on.



Foxgloves painted with thickened dyes before being cut out and added to the main picture.

Watch this space for further development….only have 3 weeks to get it all done!!