Further work in progress

Start of a new year but as well as starting new work from scratch, I thought it would be a good idea to move some existing work along to reach its next stage, free machine and hand embroidery.


I had the inspiration for my Daisy Textile Art from my photographs that I’d taken in a beautiful garden we had visited during the ‘Open Gardens’ Event in Llangernyw, North Wales during the summer of 2014.


I lied the idea of combining both photographs together to be my starting point of my artwork. I firstly drew the design using pencil onto a ‘prepared’ vintage 100% cotton sheet. (fabric had been rinsed in a sodawash solution, so the dyes will develop). I then added my first layers of colour, by painting thickened ‘Procion MX’ dyes onto the sheet, similar to painting with watercolours or thin acrylics or fabric paint. I use dye, as I find it has beautiful translucent colour that when ‘layered’ with other colours where needed, make new shades or depth of colour. I also find that using dyes on fabric when set does not stiffen the fabric, unlike fabric paint (which sits on the top of the fabric), so they make the fabric much more suitable for further embellishment.


This final stage of painting has taken a long time to do, as I have been working on other pieces of work in between. I am now in the process of setting the dyes by heat. As I haven’t got a steamer to do this, I usually let the fabric dry after it has been standing for 24 hours or more between plastic sheets, then steam iron the work for 5 minutes. I then will rinse the fabric in cold water removing extra dye.

I’ll show you further progress once I’ve started the free machine and hand embroidery.




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